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Q1-1. Can a non-university member borrow the University’s instruments or equipment?

A: According to Items 36 and 38 in the National Property Management Manual, an organization which is in custody of national properties has the obligation of safekeeping the items. Without approval, the properties cannot be transferred or borrowed. Normally, instruments and facilities managed by the departments are national properties which should not be lent out to anyone. However, if they are to be used for their original purpose, then such equipment can be used by others if the appropriate fee is paid.

Item 38 states that when equipment is leased to other people, the following points need to be paid particular attention to:
(A) A contract should be drawn in which conditions such as the fee, maintenance, tax and safekeeping of the properties must be listed and stated clearly.
(B) If there is other associated equipment, it should be written down and a list attached to the contract. The associated equipment should be handed over according to the list.
(C) When the equipment is returned, items should be checked very carefully . If there is any damage, compensation should be demanded.
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